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Ars Informatica
September 28, 2020

Ars Informatica specializes in MySQL Databases and the design of dynamic web site design using PHP.

We also offer Web Page Review for content and quality, with special attention to effective design, SEO practices, correct language, spelling, grammar and syntax.

We translate web page content from Dutch, French and German.

We do Photoshop Graphic Design, Audio and Video Processing, and will create dynamic image content for the web.

We also consult on Health Care Informatics, especially Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS).


Whether any project will be accepted will depend on its scope, and on our ability to deliver within a reasonable time-frame.

No request for illegal web services, piracy of copyrighted materials, development of immoral content or other activity of dubious nature will be considered. Do not ask.


We also review our favourite programming utilities and languages, audio and video editing software, productivity software, etc. Free software and scripts by Paul Postuma and Ars Informatica are featured on this site.


Tools by Ars Informatica:

Ars Informatica's interactive Toxicity Nomograms

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Emergency Department Information Systems represent our core area of interest. We review the current state of EDIS technologies, including the current state of passive and active tracking, reviews and links to various vendors, provides an extensive Request-for-Proposal (RFP) template, etc ... [ more ]

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