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Multi-Browser Web Page Testing Suite - 2009 Update

May 13, 2009

With the advent of a brand-new browser - Google Chrome - and of a much-improved Internet Explorer (version 8) as well as new releases of Firefox and Safari, my article on a cross-platform browser testing suite seriously needed an update.

The new browsers are better, prettier, faster. Multi-tab browsing is now standard on all of them. Any one of them is now a reasonable end-user choice. Unfortunately, they still vary significantly in how CSS and Javascript are handled, and what works on one, doesn't necessarily work on the next.

You, the web developer, still need to test your code on all of them.

I've included stats on browser market penetration (current as of April 2009), as well as their scores on the Web Standards Project's Acid2 and Acid3 tests. These two tests measure how well browsers implement HTML and CSS, W3C Document Object Model (DOM) and Javascript standards as set by the World Wide Web Consortium. Some of them are frighteningly bad.

Here they are:


Browser Version Market Share Acid2 Test Acid3 Score Link
Internet Explorer 8 3.5% pass 20% Download
7 23.2% fail 12% Download
6 SP2 15.4% fail 12% Download
Firefox 3.0 47.1% pass 71% Download
2.0 fail 52% Download
Google Chrome 1.0 4.9% pass 79% Download
Safari 4 3.0% pass 100% Download
3 pass 75% Download
Opera 9 2.2% pass 85% Download
8.5 fail ? Download

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