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September 28, 2020
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Interactive Done Nomogram for Salicylate Toxicity

Estimate Toxicity for the Single, Acute Overdose only

Please note: these nomograms are only for the acute overdose. Chronic ingestion can result in severe toxicity or even lethality with much lower serum levels.

Even in the acute overdose, the Done nomogram is an inexact tool. Individual clinical responses may vary greatly from what the plotted values suggest: a lethal overdose in one person might be mild or moderate in another. Conversely, a patient may be sicker than expected.

Use clinical judgement. Treat the patient, not the number.

Enter Values:

Salicylate level:
Time since ingestion: hrs


Please enter a valid level and/or time and try again.

Go to the Rumack-Matthew Nomogram for Acetaminophen Toxicity.

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