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PHP micro-script displays PHP, HTML, Javascript code without parsing

May 6, 2006

It's almost embarrassing to release two lines of code as a script - but I haven't found anything similar anywhere else on the 'Net. It displays PHP, HTML, Javascript and other source code direct from file, unparsed, and presents it cleanly and professionally. An image link brands the displayed code, and refers viewers back to the main site.

Complete functionality derives from one simple PHP function - htmlentities() - which converts all PHP, HTML and other tags to non-coding, display-only character codes, without parsing. Too easy.

This PHP script is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, i.e. free for you to use, modify, and even redistribute under the terms of this license. [ Read more ... ]

ScanCode Show delves the system BIOS for keyboard scan and ASCII codes

April 16, 2006

ScanCode Show reports scan and ASCII codes for the now-ancient DOS operating system. While not that useful to most modern programmers, it's a neat little toy for the curious, and illustrates the interaction between low-level code, hardware and operates in ways that the Windows and Mac OS's simply cannot.

ScanCode Show is an old program (written in 1995), coded in assembler, and exhibits just how light such a program can be - calling keystrokes are identified; scan and ASCII codes are presented in hex and decimal, their combined AX value and the BIOS value in hex, in the form of a scrolling display that may be printed out at any time. This, in only 3042 bytes of code.

Both program and source code (for WASM, or Wolfware assembler) are available free of charge. [ Read more ... ]

DOS utility BIOS Reporter dredges system information from the BIOS Data Area

April 16, 2006

BIOS Reporter is old - I wrote it in 1995. For years, it was bundled with editions of Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing PCs (the authoratative reference, currently in its 17th edition). Amazingly, some still find it useful, whether because they're still reading this data area using some programming language or other, or because they're learning assembler ...

BIOS Reporter Screen Shot

BIOS Reporter actively reports much of the extensive, low-level system information available in the BIOS data area; in DOS, it can be run as a pop-up TSR to report changes to BIOS values while a second program is running. Results may be printed. All of this accomplished in only 13 kB. Freeware; source code also freely available. [ Read more ]

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