How to Make Use of PHP App Using MySQL

PHP is a server-side scripting language useful in creating web applications. This scripting language can be embedded into HTML, and it allows applications to connect to a database. One of the most known CSS frameworks is Bulma CSS, which can be used to import your CDN CSS to your PHP file.
The MySQL, on the other hand, is a database management system that is crucial for CRUD operations. This is compatible to phpMyAdmin for database management, as it is written in PHP. To use phpMyAdmin, set up a WAMP server if you are using Windows, and XAMPP for Linux users. Afterwardf, visit http://localhost/…

A Beginner’s Guide to the Introduction to Database Index

Database Index makes life easier by letting users access records from the database table efficiently, and locate data easily. It has a data structure that allows you to search for the records from a database data quickly and more efficiently.Just like a book’s index, it has a record of different data to help you locate exactly want you to search up. This is more like how a book’s index page helps you locate a specific topic or chapter. The three types of database indexes include:

Clustered index
Non-clustered indexing
Multi-level indexing

How Does and Index Looks Like?…