How to Make Use of PHP App Using MySQL

PHP is a server-side scripting language useful in creating web applications. This scripting language can be embedded into HTML, and it allows applications to connect to a database. One of the most known CSS frameworks is Bulma CSS, which can be used to import your CDN CSS to your PHP file.

The MySQL, on the other hand, is a database management system that is crucial for CRUD operations. This is compatible to phpMyAdmin for database management, as it is written in PHP. To use phpMyAdmin, set up a WAMP server if you are using Windows, and XAMPP for Linux users. Afterwardf, visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin and it will route you to your phpMyAdmin page:


How to Connect the App to the Database

In your folder, create a file and name it db.php to connect your database. Import this file to other PHP files to start utilizing it.

The connection is made possible by the mysqli_connect(), which has four arguments:

  • Server name
  • User
  • Password
  • Database name

Taking Your MySQL to the Next Level

You can integrate this system to other larger apps to make the most out of it. Blog pages and social media apps can be integrated to MySQL, or you can self-study the manipulation on this project to advance its functions.

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