Best Alternatives for XAMPP Local Website Hosting

There is no denying that XAMPP is a good PHP-based web development and local server management tool. Nevertheless, there are alternatives that are worth checking out as is discussed in this article.


One of the best XAMPP alternatives is the WampServer that uses Apache, Windows, PHP, and MySQL. It has a user-friendly and doesn’t use a lot of resources like XAMPP. Neverthelss, it may come with fewer features than XAMPP.


If you are looking to manage all forms of web workflows, Vagrant may be the best alternative for you. It has a base image that will help you build a virtual machine rapidly. Plus, it can help isolate your development from the global scope so you work without any interference.


You will love this tool if you are after a smooth and easy-to-use interface. Since it uses fewer resources compared to other tools, you can access and launch your scripts with just a few clicks.

Apache HTTP Server

You can configure your server however you want with this XAMPP alternative. Generally, this cross-platform is more flexible compared to the other options. It’s more complex to use too but learningit will be a great way to advance your hosting knowledge.

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