FAQ: How to Redesign PHP Website to Java

Design is a concept of engineering or arts, which means that you do not really design using Java. Java is used for coding for the client-side, so it is pointless since there will be different codes for each program. The functionality of both is different from each other too.
To give you an overview, the differences between both will be tackled here.
PHP Website vs Java
• Javascript is designed for client-side scripting language while PHP is a server-side scripting language.
• Javascript does not support database while PHP does
• Javascript does not support lowercase and uppercase …

How to Build a PHP Website

More than 80 percent of websites are choosing PHP for Website Development, especially as a server-side programming language. To build a PHP website, you will need a development environment that is PHP-ready. A plain text editor and Windows Notepad are also needed.
To upload your files, a PHP web server is necessary. You can use a local computer with a LAMP or WAMP environment for this, or a remote server.
Understanding Syntax
When it comes to PHP, the basic syntax involves angled brackets and functions ending in semi-colon for each.
Knowing the Structure
It is highly …