How to Build a PHP Website

More than 80 percent of websites are choosing PHP for Website Development, especially as a server-side programming language. To build a PHP website, you will need a development environment that is PHP-ready. A plain text editor and Windows Notepad are also needed.

To upload your files, a PHP web server is necessary. You can use a local computer with a LAMP or WAMP environment for this, or a remote server.

Understanding Syntax

When it comes to PHP, the basic syntax involves angled brackets and functions ending in semi-colon for each.

Knowing the Structure

It is highly recommended for you prepare a blueprint of the site you are developing. Here, you can double-check every content and page you wish to link. Set up a home page, a bio section, and don’t forget to add photos.

Just like a formal letter, your website will also have a header, web page body, and footer. You will see your produced web page in your browser when you browse it to index.php after saving, uploading the program to your server.

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