PHP vs NET: Which is Better?

Digital presence now contributes a lot to business growth. So, owning a website is a must to build a business empire in the age of technology. It is important for you to have an idea and a say on which of these two to use in making your internet presence. So, which is better?
PHP is open-source, embedding, cross-platform, and object-oriented. It is free of charge and available almost anywhere online. Aside from that, it can easily be embedded in HTML. Since it is open-source, it is deployable conveniently on a lot of web servers and operating systems.
You should also know that there are …

Best Alternatives for XAMPP Local Website Hosting

There is no denying that XAMPP is a good PHP-based web development and local server management tool. Nevertheless, there are alternatives that are worth checking out as is discussed in this article.
One of the best XAMPP alternatives is the WampServer that uses Apache, Windows, PHP, and MySQL. It has a user-friendly and doesn’t use a lot of resources like XAMPP. Neverthelss, it may come with fewer features than XAMPP.
If you are looking to manage all forms of web workflows, Vagrant may be the best alternative for you. It has a base image that will help …