Top Sample Code Websites for Programmers to Consider

Programmers nowadays are jack of all trades when it comes to their field. Every programmer, whether a desktop programmer or web programmer, needs code online samples to create applications. Here, we will look at websites where you can get working code snippets.

Google Open Source

The biggest and toughest software is opening its doors to educating technology enthusiasts in developing software. This website gives tons of information where beginners can conveniently code for free.


CodePen is perfect for JavaScript and front-end CSS. You can create simple apps and graphics in the browser using JS, CSS, and HTML. Here, you can also learn how to use Javascript animation libraries to create motion graphics.

The GNU Free Software Directory

There is a free software directory linked directly from the homepage of GNU, where you can get a list of free software. Since the categories are open-source, there are tons of information regarding even complex applications in this website.


Our list woulod not be complete without DevX, one of the programmers’ favorites sample code websites. Development enthusiasts love this website because it is filled with the most popular programming topics such as mobile programming, database programming, Visual Basic, Java, C++, and so much more.

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